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About 3D Arcade 10th and Update  3DAAIO 3DDVD3.2.0



Well it looks like its down at the moment or its dead,it been like that for 2 days now,if you need help with 3D Arcade there is a forum (If you look at this site Peter Please contact using this forum.)



The downloads are available now.You will be downloading the files from Mega,I have added the new links to the download section.any problems let me know on the forums.The forums are on the LINKS page.

I updated the site, I went with a retro look hope you like it.

Megcade (MegaArcade) dose not work properly on Windows 10,it crashes 3D Arcade 10th sometimes,You can try the compatibility option (Right Click on 3D Arcade 10th Icon and click on properties)if you like but dose not always work,I had no problem with Windows 7,so use that OS if you can.Everything else works ok in Windows 10.Its because 3D Arcade uses Macromedia Director as its source.

3D Arcade works fine on Windows 7/8.1 



It is available now in the download section,Its a beta because I am still adding stuff to it and changing things so its still a Work In Progress arcade.

There is a video of Peter's Luna City Arcade called "Luna City is BACK" (thats was its old name for it) it in the video section,

I have been working on the posters to make them hi res so you can go up to them and read them and its looking good so far,almost completed the second floor of the arcade.


I have some sad news that Luna City Arcade is no more but you can still walk around in it in 3D Arcade 10th and you can read about how he made it under the LCA Special section. Good luck Peter Hirschberg with whatever you do will get it all back.

I am remaking Luna City Arcade,its called Luna City 2.0 Remake and its going to be as real as I can make it(I call it photostatic,yes I made the word up but it sounds cool..;) ),More info in the forums.


The 3D Arcade 10th Online Arcade is no longer available,you can use Steam buy running 3D Arcade 10th from it and making a group to chat in.(will have to go into it more some other time.)

You can now hear the sounds of 3D Arcade on the site,each page has a different sound from the different arcades in 3D Arcade 10th.


Look at the 3D Arcade In Action Section before you download it...There are videos of 3D Arcade in there,once you see the then you'll be hoooooooked..

**WHAT IN AND WHAT'S 3D ARCADE 10th (3DAAIO or 3DDVD3.2.0)**

3D Arcade 10th is a version of 3D Arcade that has a different circular arcade when you boot it up(*see below for more info) and with games added You can added more games in packs downloadable from this site,This make it easy on the user so they don't have to config everything in 3D arcade from the beginning,The idea come from the DVD 2.0 version that is still available.This is DVD 3.2.0 but just with a new name because 3D Arcade has been out for 10 years.You can walk around in first person shooter mode (FPS Arcade) and go up to a machine (like in a real arcade) and press a button on your keyboard or joystick to play it or you can have a gamelist of games (Listbox) and scroll down to the one you want to play. 

*I changed the way the circular arcade looks,You have machines next each other in a circle but not around you  but in front of you, I got the idea from the Namco 50th Anniversary Edition so thank that for this in a way..;) The name came from it too,I just changed the 50th to 10th and so on.and the rest is history,you can see a image at the top of the download page.

Some roms are included so some might be copyrighted but you download this at you own risk.Because all most everything is include I call it a 3D Arcade All In One.(3DAAIO)

All the ProPinball games have been added.To play The Web on Windows (Xp is OK)Vista/7/8/10,you have to change WGame.exe (Right click on it and click Compatibility Mode) to Windows 98 don't work on NT(Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 are NT based).

Atari Anniversary Edition is included.All games are working but might have graphic glitches because of Windows version.Work best on Windows 10

If you have already DVD2.1 installed,you can install 3D Arcade 10th over the top of it.I made it like that so it compatible with older versions.

The lot of stuff that has been updated like the SS and some of the gameslists,emulators changed or added. 

You can download packs for it,I made it like that so the main setup is not so big for the user to download.

That's all for now,

Enjoy playing 3D Arcade 10th and 3D Arcade.. Thanks Peter )p( for a brilliant FE. 3D Arcade Main site on the LINKS page.

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