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3D Arcade Video

Videos of Skurdt's new skin


About Peter's Luna City Arcade.

PLCA is Available NOW,Its a recreation of his classic arcade of how it looked before it was demolished.

You can download in 2 rar files but you don't need winrar to install it,just click on the .exe file and install it to a place on your hard drive then run the .exe inside..enjoy.

If you want to play the games in the arcade,some of them work like Battlezone,Graviter and Missile Command,you will need Mame to play them ,look below for more info.


About Using Mame with 3D Arcade 10th and PLCA.

You need a torrent program like Utorrent (that the best one in my eyes) to download Mame.Mame is in PLCA just download the torrent and unzip it to your emulator folder in PLCA and Mame will work.

Download Mame fron this link MAME Plus + 6000 Roms +Extras Deluxe - and this is the magnet link here and I have downloaded this and its works fine,It includes MAMEUI and MAME Plus v0.122u with it,its is 18.61 GB but there is a more up to date one its MAME v0.145 but that's 67.2 GB that why I picked this one but you can use any of them if you wish.They need to be unpacked and are in rar format so make sure you have Winrar too.

Unpack them to your emulator folder in 3D Arcade 10th and name the folder Mame if its not already.

Mame is being updated all the time so these Mame torrents might be out of date now but should still work.


Info on 3D Arcade 10th Anniversary Edition v2.0

This is the main program of 3D Arcade 10th about 2gb which includes the full 3darcade setup and some Emulators that are with All 4 Pro Pinball games included and working.
Pro Pinball The Web works in compatibility mode only, Right click fe3darcade.exe and select Windows XP(works only on Vista don't work on Windows 7)Look on home page for more info.
Pro Pinball Timeshock
Pro Pinball Big RaceUSA
Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey
MegArcade Included(There is a script error with it at the moment,a fix available soon)

When you install 3D Arcade 10th it will install a shortcut on the desktop and on the startmenu

Only download 3D Arcade 10th Anniversary if you have a PC with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 2 ghz CPU or better and 2 GB RAM.

Muituser Online Arcades is no longer available.

Download the 3D Arcade Settings GUI here,made by skurdt.

Start 3D Arcade by clicking on the 3D Arcade shortcut.

This is the main setup program for 3D Arcade 10th Anniversary Edition v2.0

It is in 4 parts,the first one is a exe that uncompresses the main setup file and runs it.

3D Arcade 10th Part 1 400mb Download the 3 files then click on Part 1 to install.

3D Arcade 10th Part 2 400mb

3D Arcade 10th Part 3 264mb

Emulators Packs available for download

You can get these from DVD 2.0.If you have it already installed,install 3D Arcade 10th over the top of it and you will have the full setup,it has to be DVD 2.0 and its update 2.1.(Make sure you install these emulator packs to your 3D Arcade 10th or Emulator  folder if it asks you to.)

Amiga (Pack Soon)
Amiga CD32 (200 Games for CD32 cd image, Pack Soon)
Amstrad CPC 464 (Not working in the fe at the moment, in the 3D Arcade 10th setup with roms,will work on this soon.)
Atari 2600
Atari 5200
 (Download Pack 282 MB) Install this to your 3D Arcade 10th folder,it has all 3 Atari consoles in it with games.
Atari 7800
Atari ST (Pack Soon)
Colecovision (Pack Soon)
Game and Watch (Pack Soon)
MAME (Pack Soon)
Mattel Intellivision (Pack Soon)
Fruit Machines (some work but not all, Pack Soon)
Nintendo DS (Pack Soon)
PC Games (Pack Soon)
Philips G7000 (Pack Soon)
PlayStation (In the 3D Arcade 10th setup, no images,No pack planed to big to make a pack) 
Saturn (In the 3D Arcade 10th setup,no images,No pack planed to big to make a pack)
Vectrex (In the 3D Arcade 10th setup)
Pinball Machines (Download Pack 1.21 GB) Install this to your 3D Arcade 10th folder,then run VisualPinMAME Setup.bat to set up VPMAME.
Zinc (In the 3D Arcade 10th setup, no roms,Pack Soon )
ZX Spectrum (In the 3D Arcade 10th setup, no roms,Pack Soon) 

Some emulators will come available quicker than others for download so check back soon.

Original 3D Arcade download

You don't need to download this if you are donloading 3D Arcade 10th.

3D Arcade / Emulaxian 0.96

Upgrade to 0.96 from 0.95. Upgrading is basically unzipping this zip in your fe folder. But be sure to read fewhatisnew.txt and the included upgrade notes in the docs folder carefully anyway. All new optional options are listed in it!

Full download, 20 mb which includes the full 3darcade skin and two demo arcades. So only download it when you have something like 1 ghz pc or better to save us bandwidth and yourself a disappointment... ;-)

Two parts of 10mb each and

You can download all the arcade cabinet models here

History of frontend updates up to 0.96 

fewhatisnew The manual for 0.96


Quick Reference, printable listing of the default key settings for the core functions of 3darcade.


Link to 3D Arcade DVD 2.0 and 2.1 Download Offline at the moment sort out soon.I have it on DVD so have to dig it out,update link soon.