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Videos can be used to be displayed on the monitor part of the cabinet models instead of screenshots.You can download the videos here:

Set 1 - MAME Videos For 3D Arcade 3DAAIO Download - Smaller set of Mame videos.-1.56 GB

Set 2 - MAME Videos For 3D Arcade 3DAAIO Download - Bigger set of Mame videos.-5.50 GB**

**There will be a new set of Mame videos going up today,it will be in 6 parts and when installed it will take up 5.50 GB on the hard you have a choice of downloading the smaller set or the bigger set of videos.Not available yet

The videos are also available on irc:

Network Efnet, Channel #3darcade

The videos get regularly posted on usenet at:


If you have problems with the videos playing properly on the models then just follow this:

1. download the XviD decoder here:

Download Here or its in the smaller set of videos,the link above.

2. install it: run the downloaded exe, file 

3. configure it: start > programs > xvid > configure xvid decoder > check the compatibility renderer box 

What is XviD?

XviD is the name of a popular new video codec being developed as an open source project by volunteer programmers from all over the world. The format was created to offer a free alternative to other commercial video codecs, and despite being open source its quality and efficiency has made it one of the most popular video codecs online. While XviD still isn't as widely used as the DivX® codec, playback of XviD movies is usually supported in new DVD players nowadays. The XviD codec makes it possible to compress a full-length DVD-quality movie enough to fit on a single CD (might require 2 CDs depending on the length of the movie), while still maintaining the original image quality. Despite the fact that XviD movies offer higher quality video at smaller file sizes they take less time to encode than MPEG-2 due to the incredible compression technology. The video is usually combined with MP3 or AC3 audio to enable both high quality video and audio. These factors and the fact that the codec is distributed for free has contributed to the success of the format. When you install the XviD codec it basically provides your system with specific instructions how to compress and decompress video in the XviD format. Once you've installed the XviD codec on your system you will be able to play XviD videos using Windows Media Player or any other XviD-enabled player.